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Naturally, you want to minimise your tax payments. In a world of continually changing and occasionally complex regulations and legislation, filing your tax returns is not always a simple matter. Thankfully, our professionals are standing by with a (virtually) complete knowledge of fiscal and legal matters. This makes them your ideal partner for maximising the profitability of your tax returns. They look at more than just the requisite fields, but also offer their advice on your company’s opportunities and most appropriate possibilities.

Our fields of assistance

Income taxes

To us, filing income tax is more than completing a basic list of steps. We want to help you in optimising your outstanding income taxes to your advantage, by asking proactive questions, like: what is the ideal ratio of wages to dividend payments? Are you entitled to refunds? Should you settle your mortgage or buy a holiday home? Are you making the best possible use of tax credits? We look not just at optimising fiscal aspects, but also at what is appropriate for you and your business. We feel it is important that you are comfortable with the choices being made.

Corporate tax

Being an entrepreneur, you have to pay taxes on your profit every year, by annually submitting your corporate tax statements. At Vallei Accountants, we can take care of this process in an expert and reliable manner. We ensure that your statements are filed correctly, monitor the terms, and help you in adjusting any interim tax assessments where needed. This way, there are never any unwelcome surprises.

Value added tax

Value added tax, or VAT, is imposed on all products or services you provide. In terms of Dutch regulations and legislation, this is another area of some complexity and mutability. Of course, you can file your own VAT, but our colleagues are standing by to help you ensure a correct and timely submission of your VAT statements. No need for you to think twice.

Gift and inheritance tax

Gift and inheritance tax are often delicate matters. Gifting now may help to avoid possibly higher taxes in future. But sometimes, you cannot escape the requirement to pay tax. Our fiscal specialists can help you to establish the optimum strategy for keeping your tax payments as low as possible. Of course, the valuation of your business also plays a role in this respect. Our goal: to help you so ensure the smoothest fiscal transfer of your business to a future generation.

Dividend tax

Has your company paid out any dividends? Then you will need to file divided tax. You can rest assured that Vallei Accountants will ensure a timely submission of your dividend tax statements. We keep an extra sharp eye on this issue – to make sure you will never be faced with high fines from the tax authorities.

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