Financial statements

Financial accountability

A handle on your financial operations

Numbers do not lie. They are useful, important, and offer insight into a business’s financial operations – first of all for yourself. Additionally, clients, suppliers, employees, and other stakeholders attach great importance to these figures; after all, they reflect the reliability and continuity of your enterprise. This emphasises the need to make sure your numbers are reliable.

Being an entrepreneur, you want your administration to be sound. This affords you direct insight into your organisation. Our employees are always standing by to support you in implementing and safeguarding a healthy financial administration.

The administrative results are documented in the financial statements – this is your business’s formal yearly accountability. The annual figures are naturally intended for both yourself, in addition to the bank, fiscal services, and the Chamber of Commerce. It is an annual reaffirmation and possible starting point for new decisions for your company. What is the actual state of affairs, and where can your opportunities be found? Naturally, you can expect us to take a proactive stance, and to offer thorough, well-founded advice. This way, we all help you continue to build on your success. High quality intermediate financial reports mean that the annual figures will never come with any unexpected surprises.

We carefully compile your documents for publication, and make sure that they are deposited with the Chamber of Commerce in time.

Your bank is another party that is very interested in information on your financial operations. To that end, we also provide the bank with relevant information, in accordance with their requests. Naturally, we can also supply reports to bank in SBR.

Want to feel confident with your (annual) figures as well?

Let us take care of your annual accounts.