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Whether your business is in a start-up phase, or has expanded to a mature organisation – our experts are always standing by.

Vallei Accountants business consultancy

Being an entrepreneur, you are confronted with various issues every day. Depending on your company’s phase of business, these issues range from strategising to maximising your revenue – from optimising your funding to obtaining relevant information needed for decision-making. Whether your company is in a start-up phase or has grown into a mature organisation, our experts are always standing by.

Among other things, Vallei Accountants offers:

Funding application support

You are looking for funds to help bring your ideas to life. If we are as convinced of your possibilities as you are, we will support you in applying for funds. The number of times you will be able and willing to take out a loan over the course of your entrepreneurial existence is limited, and the rules in the banking industry are changing all the time. This means it is important to file for a loan that is appropriate and suitable for your business, your (future) plans, and your desires. There are no second chances when it comes for first impressions – your request has to be correct the first time around. We are an experienced partner for the banking world, and have the ability to interpret your financing proposals and accompanying papers correctly. Some finance requests may be too much for a single bank to handle; in that case, we will assume the role of a financial director, linking your business to multiple financers. Substantiating your finance request means structuring the finances and taking into account the interests of your enterprise as a whole. A number of our colleagues has banking experience themselves.

Compiling (strategic) business plans

Being an entrepreneur, you are naturally aiming for the moon. Whether you are looking to expand or start up a new activity, Vallei Accountants is a reliable sounding board. We are critical, proactive, and think constructively on your behalf. We ensure you have insight into the commercial and financial consequences for your business, both in the short and long terms. This lets you make considered and correct decisions. If your financer should ask for a profitability or liquidity budget, we will be standing by. No hefty reports, but efficient, targeted output.

Business advice

You want to keep developing yourself as an entrepreneur. And business advice is indispensable when it comes to growing and achieving your goals. No one entrepreneur can possibly keep all required knowledge in-house – which is where Vallei Accountants comes in. Our business experts are true partners with a wealth of experience and expertise, who can offer concrete advice and tips. Whether you want to invest in sustainable energy, construct a new building, or invest in new machinery – our consultants are standing by.

Legal form/corporate structure

Your business can take the form of various legal structures, each with their own legal and financial aspects. Consider liability restrictions, or taxation optimisation. Or preparing your organisational structure for sale or business inheritance. Which legal form is best for your business operations? We are happy to help you determine, and offer our constructive input. Our consultants present you with the pros and cons, and take your plans for the future into consideration as well – allowing you to come to a well-founded decision.

Legal advice

Naturally, your goal is a successful business – but you want to safeguard your success. In that case, it is important to look at the legal aspects of your business, and to make sure your insurance and delivery terms are in order. It also makes sense to properly document mutual agreements, and those with shareholders and board members. One possibility for doing so is to compile a shareholders or management contract. And also keep in mind the correct application of the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). Throughout all these matters, our consultants can offer practical and pleasant support.

Subsidy advice

Both the European Union and the Dutch government offer companies the possibility for the improvement of innovation and investment through grants and subsidies. In many cases, your business will be eligible for these subsidies – but only if they truly match your business operations and if you are able to uphold the accompanying requirements. Consider EIA, MIA/Vamil, SDE+, MDV, POP3, WBSO, provincial and regional subsidies, and the innovations box. Moreover, the policies, rules, and preconditions are subject to frequent adjustments, and differ from one agency, subsidy, or industry to the next. It helps to know that our subsidy consultants are up-to-date on all developments, and can offer their advice on your options, allowing you to make the best possible use of these subsidy programs.


Are you curious about your company’s position compared to your competitors? Want to know more about your market position? Using our own benchmarking data, we have the numbers you need to gain insight into the answers to these questions – allowing you to adjust your operations and maximise your revenue.

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