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Marfred de Leeuw

It has been 11 years already since I began Vallei at my kitchen table, full of enthusiasm and drive. A clear mission, a lot of practical baggage, and vast amounts of networking have brought Vallei to where it is today. My personal source of energy is in consulting or guiding clients together with our team of specialists, helping them along, for example, family business transfers, take-overs, or other important entrepreneurial events. There is nothing like it! In addition, I concern myself with checking and discussing financial statements, and functioning as a sounding board when discussing intermediate figures with clients.

Marjon Oosterom-Steenbeek

Vallei Accountants is a young and dynamic company, where everyone sees a great new challenge in every new day. That is why I am so happy to work at Vallei Accountants – certainly because of the wonderful colleagues I get to work with, but also because of the many opportunities I have been able to find and seize while working at Vallei. As an employer, Vallei makes sure that you do not become mired down by your permanent tasks, but that you can step out of your comfort zone – which can be a little exciting and unreal, but always happens with support and guidance from Vallei.

And that means no day is the same. I might schedule a day for ‘vetting slips’, but end up drafting a cessation agreement or filing for benefits. Which keeps my work from becoming boring.

In my view, Vallei’s strength is in our strive for quality over quantity. In offering constructive input to our clients. In responding to the questions left unspoken. In our short lines of communication to our clients and between our colleagues. Being critical when it comes to reviewing our client’s businesses, but also when it comes to reviewing ourselves and our colleagues. Unburdening our clients, enabling them to focus on what they do best: business!

Jolande Arends

I have been a dedicated colleague with Vallei Accountants for 5.5 years. I started as a “rookie” at an office with 13 colleagues, but soon found Vallei to be a dynamic company, with driven colleagues who work from their passion – which is part of the reason for Vallei’s rapid growth. My function was also subject to many developments. Whereas I began as the only captain aboard my ship (secretariat), I now find myself enjoying the company of a number of other secretaries and other colleagues, none of whom are afraid to pitch in if needs demand! During my time here, I was given the opportunity to attend a study and make the most of my career opportunities. Our pleasant mutual atmosphere is one of approachability. There is total team spirit!

Pascal van Gurp

Being a fiscal specialist, I perform many (preparatory) consultancy activities for our clients. Advice is always a custom issue, and should be tailored to a particular client. That means my work is very diverse – no two days are alike!

I enjoy working at an office that affords clients the personal attention they deserve, while remaining conscious of the results.

Henk Bosman

After twenty years with Westeneng and 2 years with Vallei, I can safely say that no two working days are alike. But what I do see every day, is the continuous search for solutions for clients, and offering them active support across the full range of entrepreneurial issues. As far as consultancy is concerned, we just go that extra step. Action speaks louder than words!

Gerrianne den Hertog

Being an assistant accountant, I compile the financial statements for my clients, and arrange tax declarations. In addition, I coach clients who take care of their own administration. All companies and their entrepreneurs are one-of-a-kind, meaning my work and contact with clients is never the same. I look for my challenge in giving these entrepreneurs the financial support that suits them!

Erik Mussche

No two entrepreneurs are the same, which means no two working days are the same for me either. That is what makes working at Vallei so challenging! In addition, we are encouraged to keep developing all the time, allowing us to continue to go the extra mile for our clients, and ensuring we stay one of the most distinct and progressive accountancy and consulting firms.

The open atmosphere at the office and the pleasant interactions between colleagues who work shoulder-to-shoulder instead of top-down are what make Vallei a very pleasant environment in which to work on a daily basis.

Stefan van den Brink

Vallei is a high knowledgeable service company with a very personable approach towards its clients. Vallei ensures that client administration is always up to spec – and that is something that clients can take comfort in. Being a service provider, I see it as my goal to ensure that our clients can focus on that which they do best: DOING BUSINESS!

For me, working at Vallei means I spend my working days happily. The atmosphere at the office is a relaxed one, and an enormous amount of work gets done every day. You can knock on any door if you have questions, leading to a culture that values approachability. In addition, there is enough time for leisurely activities, like the annual staff outing, as well as the occasional evening drinks with colleagues.

Martijn Bakkernes

I have been working with Vallei Accountants since 2014, when I started as an intern. I was given the opportunity to work on my development, and to grow into my current role as an assistant accountant at the assembly department. Vallei is a pleasant organisation, where everyone is easy to reach – you can knock on any door for a bit of a chat. I compile the financial statements for a number of major clients, and also support a major client with their administration. These activities are challenging and varied, because I am faced with complex questions every day – and I enjoy finding the answers. I feel it is important to be given the opportunity to keep developing myself into a role as accountant – and that opportunity is here, with Vallei Accountants.

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