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Verdo Gelderland B.V. / Donselaar Tenten B.V.

As a fast-growing company, we were not looking so much for an accountant as for a partner – and that is why Vallei Accountants is such a good match. Vallei audits our annual accounts and offers active support on determining strategy and company structure. Other pleasant aspects are their good accessibility, commitment, and professional advice. The atmosphere at Vallei is good, though very slightly more formal than within our own organisation. This is why we enjoy with the people at Vallei. The communication is good, and definitely satisfactory.

Since we became subject to statutory audit, Vallei has offered its constructive opinions on the administrative structure of the organisation in a most agreeable manner. Any areas of attention are addressed by Vallei with practical and achievable suggestions on how to restructure or adapt matters. A fine combination of auditing and consulting, which suits us very well.

Erik van Donselaar, directeur

EeStairs Nederland B.V.

We were looking for a reliable and solid accountant – and we have got them. We have no problem getting in touch whenever we need to. Vallei compiles out annual figures, files our taxes, and manages the wage administration. They also offer advice is the broadest sense of the word, which works excellently.

I like working with Vallei’s people, including Gerrianne den Hertog, who has been a contact of ours for such a long time. It is easier to maintain a relationship with a person than with a company, and particularly if you have known each other for a long time, few words need to be spoken. That is why, in my book, the communication is very much appreciated. I simply cannot fault Vallei.

Cornelis van Vlastuin, Creative Director

Pivot B.V. / LedGo B.V.

We are a client of Vallei Accountants because they offer good support and advice, and continually offer constructive input. Vallei Accountants provides continuous support in terms of administration and monthly managerial information, allowing me to remain focussed on my business. I am confident that, if there is any information I should know about, it will be provided to me by Vallei. That is a satisfying feeling.

Unburdening the HRM administration has spectacular added value for us, because it requires specific knowledge of a kind that we do not have in-house – both in terms of monthly wage administration and of consultancy on various labour law matters. Wim van den Berg has always offered us his expert support with a real focus on providing quality service.

In addition, Vallei fulfils certain other activities, such as compiling annual reports, and filing turnover, income, and corporate tax reports. Despite the fact that these are standard aspects of accounting, I still feel as though Vallei keeps a critical eye on matters, and makes sure their work is as expert and financially favourable as possible.

If I have any questions, I am assured of a rapid and correct, useful response – clear and insightful, in other words. Vallei is a committed partner. Their office atmosphere is one of personal professionalism; it makes you feel welcome.

Hans de Vet, directeur

Hazeleger Kaas B.V.

Vallei Accountants has supported us from their Barneveld office for many years now. They carry their weight in our wage admin, fiscal consultancy, and compiling the financial statements. In addition, they provide advice both solicited and unsolicited when it comes to HR matters. We appeal to their expertise in terms of corporate take-overs, financing, etc. – knowing that our affairs have been placed in capable hands, allowing us to focus on our core business.

Bond of trust

The people at Vallei Accountants are solution-oriented, consultative, personally committed, and think constructively. Professionals who understand their business. Over the years, we have built up a fine bond of trust. Vallei Accountants is an expert, no-nonsense company, which suits us excellently.

Arie Threels, controller

Hoeflon International B.V.

We have enormous appreciation for Vallei’s advice, including the unsolicited kind. I feel Vallei is an experienced partner, well-suited to our business. Being an insightful organisation for future-oriented entrepreneurs, Vallei uses a single point of contact for our business, and offers excellent accessibility and the use of dashboards. Moreover, we never feel we need to push Vallei to complete their activities – they do so seemingly automatically. The strength of Vallei Accountants is in their overall package, which includes (wage) administration, the financial statements and, in particular, consultancy. In addition, Vallei offered their pleasant and effective support in filing for the innovation box in order to maximise out tax benefits.

Exceptional partnership

Vallei’s HRM department is open to all of our HRM-related issues. In addition, they manage the wages on our behalf. What is so exceptional about our partnership? Their personal attention for Hoeflon. Whether it is an issue of wages, pensions, or health and safety, Vallei is always on hand! We truly appreciated their unsolicited recommendations in those instances where they spot a tax-friendly possibility for remuneration.


Vallei uses a menu of services that provides us with insight into their prices. In addition, we know who to turn to with our questions. If we need help, someone is made available to assist us. In all, an accessible organisation for future-oriented entrepreneurs like us!

A client, not a number

There is no question that we will be recommending Vallei Accountants to our acquaintances and colleagues. Because with Vallei, you are a client, not a number – and therein lies the strength of Vallei.

Gert van Hoef (Eigenaar Hoeflon) en Maria Rebel-Drost (Manager HRM & Finances)

Lekko B.V.

Our relationship with the people at Vallei Accountants goes beyond mere numbers. There is a sympathetic ear to matters of strategy, and we are provided with important information ranging from legal matters to state-of-the-art software tools. For example, we have been provided with a dashboard displaying up-to-date managerial information, allowing us to manage our affairs in accordance with the most current events.

Our complete wage administration is handled by Vallei, and we are very pleased with their high level of knowledge and quick turnover speeds. In addition, Vallei manages other matters like the annual accounts, and income and corporate tax returns. Their in-house knowledge with regard to the innovation box is also experienced as very positive.

I would describe the atmosphere at Vallei as “young, swift, and thorough”.

Vivian Vleeshouwers, directeur Lekko

Navara Group B.V.

Since Navara’s founding in 2012, Vallei Accountants has been a source of support in all of our financial matters, and offers optimum encouragement in our growth of approximately 85 employees currently. We have outsourced the entirety of our financial administration, including invoicing, to Vallei. Vallei operates as ‘admin in the cloud’, with a feeling of a personal internal administration. The administrative activities have been arranged well. There are no unexpected surprises, and Vallei alerts us to areas of attention proactively. The monthly figures are processed within two weeks of the end of every month, and uploaded to the dashboard.

In addition, Vallei offers active support in any share transactions, and has been an active consultant regarding tax-related opportunities, including the use of the innovation box.

The atmosphere at Vallei is youthful, enthusiastic, and collegial. Communications are swift, direct, to the point, and without claptrap. A pleasant collaborative effort.

Arnold Kamminga, directeur

Nijborg Holding B.V.

I met Marfred around 10 years ago, and find him easy to communicate with – we have a good connection. The added value of Vallei is their level-headed approach. Vallei compiles our annual accounts, and also takes care of our wage administration and certain other matters. In addition, Vallei has provided expert support with regard to company succession regulations.

Supported by Vallei’s attention to the interests of ourselves as individuals, as well as the continuity of our business, the succession procedure was arranged to minimise its tax impact. We felt good about the process itself. All parties were informed correctly, and Vallei Accountants managed to explain matters in an uncomplicated manner.

When I think of Vallei, I think of both Marfred de Leeuw and Erik van Garderen, professional and passionate accountants supported by a good team. In addition, I think of fast-growing business with a good atmosphere and rapid internal communication. Vallei feels reliable, and its lines of communication are short. You can also count on a quick response to any questions. Vallei’s no-nonsense attitude greatly appeals to me.

Dirk Verbeek, directeur De Nijborg

Speksnijder Confectie B.V.

I am a client with Vallei Accountants because there are clear in their recommendations. Their first consideration is for a client’s desires, but they are not afraid to also field other solutions. And, not least, Marfred has an eye for and a sincere interest in the people behind a business. That is what I noticed in a different setting many years ago, and when I went looking for a new accountant, it was my first reason to give him a call.

In addition to compiling annual accounts and providing standard consultancy, I truly appreciate Vallei’s help in the transfer of our business (from my father to myself). It was a professionally handled process that was true to both parties and business continuity. All third parties (such as the tax authorities, the bank, our families, etc.) were correctly involved and informed by the Vallei team. I therefore recommend Vallei to anyone who asks. We regularly exchange views on current topics, and that is how the succession process last year initially began. The first step was to shape our ideas and make decisions, following by taking actions and following through, and everything went excellently! And Vallei’s extensive in-house knowledge of finance matters was also very helpful in this respect.

The people at Vallei are very accessible, knowledgeable, and (personally) committed. The atmosphere is one of openness, which is very pleasant and welcoming. Unlike the typical, dusty accountancy office, Vallei is young and dynamic without detracting from its professional appeal. I enjoy working with the various colleagues at Vallei, each with their own specialism, none of them afraid to consult with colleagues of a different expertise to achieve the best results. The communication is pleasant, and emails are always and rapidly responded to.

Teunis Speksnijder, directeur


van den Top Tuinonline B.V.

If you have a fast-growing business, it is good to know exactly where you stand. You need a constructively critical accountant, and one who is not afraid to function as sounding board when needed. It is good to always know your company’s state of affairs, results, and areas of attention.

Vallei designed my financial dashboard and keep it up-to-date. If I need advice, I know who to turn to. This makes matters that much more accessible and uncomplicated.

Before partnering with Vallei, we enjoyed a mutually agreeable collaboration with another accountancy firm. Once you have picked a particular accountant, you are unlikely to simply switch to another. I had spoken to Marfred de Leeuw on different occasions, but had never felt the immediate urge to contract Vallei for its services. I did, however, always noticed a certain amount of commitment and drive on the part of Marfred de Leeuw – enough to make me curious.

Eventually, I became convinced that I needed to partner with Vallei Accountants. What I like best about Vallei is its short lines of communication, its level of knowledge, and its pragmatic approach.

Contact is personal, and questions are addressed swiftly. Short lines of communication, honest and rapid actions – that is what I like, and that I what I see with Vallei Accountants.

Robert van den Top, directeur

Gebr. van Gent Autobedrijf B.V.

We have been a client with Vallei since its founding. We find Vallei to be a partner with a personal approach, and that is something we very much appreciate. Vallei Accountants is a youthful team of ambitious, friendly, and knowledgeable people who ensure a thorough, accurate, and reliable approach together. Everything is arranged in good consultation, preventing any unexpected surprises.

Vallei Accountants audits our financial statements and provides good support and advice with regard to the wage processing and HRM module. In addition, Vallei was actively involved in the business succession process, and left a good overall impression on us as a family. We feel the in-house knowledge of taxation is good, and is always applied in an uncomplicated and practical manner. Any exchanges of information with the tax authorities always proceed well.

Communications are direct and to the point, exactly what we are looking for; and, in addition, Vallei is very accessible.

Gilbert van Gent (directeur) en Marjan Tuitert (controller)

World of Walas Europe B.V.

Marfred de Leeuw for Vallei Accountants and myself have known and worked with each other for years, from supervisor to employee to consultant. Since I became involved (starting 2016) one of our first actions was to switch accountants. Naturally, Vallei Accountants compiles the books (financial statements) and the wage slips, but accountants with those skills are not few or far between. When we at Walas look for from an accountant is their advice, flexibility, and constructive input on our company’s developments. In our market, we are often faced with specific questions and challenges, and Vallei Accountants is the right partner to help us face those. No bulky reports, but clear and insightful language which we have a use for. Our collaboration with Erik van Garderen and Marfred is pleasant – formal where necessary, informal where possible. Short lines of direct communication which are workable for Walas.

Johan Rademaker, Chief Administration Officer / Chief Operations Officer


A young company with a pleasant, accessible atmosphere. Always up-to-date on applicable regulations, and never afraid of looking for information to complex questions elsewhere.

This makes Vallei Accountants a reliable partner for our financial issues, as well as a partner available for any other matters a company may find itself facing.

Wendy van Holst, directeur

Aannemersbedrijf K&B van Pelt

In 2009, we went looking for a reliable accountant who could offer constructive support to our company. Through a mutual acquaintance, we arrived at Vallei Accountants. Since 2009, they have been taking care of our accounting, wage administration, tax returns, and financial statements – as well as offering business advice where needed. In addition, they have provided us with a dashboard that offers easy access and insight into our figures. In our 10 years with Vallei (we were one of the first clients), our contact with Marfred and his colleagues has always been pleasant. We have always been assigned a single point of contact. The best thing about being a client with Vallei is that, whenever you contact them, they are always very personal, which is reflected in their excellent knowledge of their clients and client portfolios. Vallei uses short lines of communication, meaning answers to your questions tend to be available in a matter of hours. Everything is arranged accurately and on time. If any problems should arise, they always help their clients in finding the best possible solutions.

Directie Aannemersbedrijf K&B van Pelt

AJAX Foundation

Vallei Accountants is able to adapt rapidly and professionally with respect to the auditing of our financial statements, resulting in an excellent partnership. In addition to its activities, Vallei Accountants has a true interest in society, thus making them a complete match in our book.

Vallei Techniek B.V.

Looking back to my first meeting with Marfred de Leeuw in 2009, I encountered a young man who radiated confidence and showed a real interest in me as a potential new client.

His sincerity and advice made me decide to continue with Vallei Accountants. At the time, consultations took place at his home kitchen table – now, Vallei Accountants has a wonderful office. (I feel that his wife, Linda, made the correct call to get him out of the house as soon as possible – in terms of business.)

Since my business was still fully in the start-up phase, I saw myself dealing with various business aspects, such as financial admin, legal matters, HRM, pensions, taxes, etc.

My HRM contact was Marjon Oosterom. She is also very pleasant to interact with, and very accurate in her field. Since, in this business, I use various development subsidies, I asked a great of her in using these subsidies in my wage tax administration. It was wonderful to see the flexibility with which my requests were addressed. She also handled the links to the pension fund and accompanying communications very well. This afforded me the entrepreneurial time I needed to remain focussed on my own core business instead of on these ancillary matters.

There is one final aspect I wish to underline, being the personal contact and according advice. I have watched as Vallei Accountants grew, and always kept a critical eye on whether they would continue to be able to afford me the time I needed as a client. Here, Vallei Accountants is also to be commended. Erik van Garderen is the point of contact for my business – very knowledgeable both legally and fiscally, and having my full personal confidence. The entrepreneur in me does not want a yes-man, but a sounding board and a consultant who is not afraid to call a spade a spade. His is able to correctly analyse the ideas present in my business operations, and provides constructive input. He provides insights into possibilities both in terms of business and of personal matters, like possibilities for legal forms, pensions, early retirement, financial viability, etc. I am very content with this partnership.

Marfred has made sure that his vision and knowledge have become a staple of Vallei Accountants, safeguarded by several people. I have definitely benefited from that over the years. I have been fortunate enough to meet several of the people at Vallei, and the company still feels like its is the right match for me. Their attention to the personal side of business continues to this day, and I still find Vallei a very good port of call with regard to consultancy for my own company.

Wonderful to see that Vallei Accountants has seen such growth, and continues to uphold their flexibility and customer-mindedness.

My compliments to Vallei Accountants, on to your next anniversary.

Gerko van den Brink, directeur Vallei Techniek B.V.

Gaasbeek's Automatenservice B.V.

The previous accountancy firm was taken over by Westeneng Accountants, and we have been working with Vallei Accountants for 2 years. A take-over is often a reason for a switch, but our contact with Vallei was and has always been excellent. Another pleasant aspect is that the account we had then is still with Vallei. We are not very keen on job hoppers, and are more interested in a lasting relationship.

Vallei Accountants takes care of our regular accountancy issues, as well a wage administration. The latter has become a particularly substantial activity due to the rapid growth of our organisation, with a continually growing emphasis on labour law consultancy and other HRM issues. Happily, these matters are dealt with excellently by Vallei.

Aside from the constructive monthly meetings, we have been subject to a number of other major ongoing processes in our family business the past years, one of them being a matter of company succession. Our continued growth means we are bursting at the seams, leading us to engage in the construction of an entirely new building. Support by Vallei at the fiscal, judicial, and financial level has been very pleasant.

The atmosphere at Vallei is pleasantly professional, leading me to enjoy my collaboration with Bennie, Anja, and Gerrianne. Lastly, communication with Vallei is excellent. Response to our emails or phone calls is always very swift.

Peter Böhmer, Algemeen directeur Gaasbeek’s Automatenservice B.V.

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